The History of CAWLB

The original settlers in this area, were the Pervis and Ellis families.

They platted our home sites and realized they would not be able to build on three parcels. They decided these parcels would be best reserved for the exclusive enjoyment of future residents.

They first parcel became the swim beach and park on Terrace Boulevard. The second parcel at the north end of Island Drive became the boat ramp area. And the third parcel just northeast where West Lake Brantley Drive intersects with Oak Drive became Bestever Park, the 10-foot wide north shore of the canal inlet.

To preserve and maintain these properties, Pervis and Ellis gained a State Charter and filed incorporation documents in May 1960. Thus was born the Civic Association of West Lake Brantley, which has flourished for 40 years. CAWLB is functioning as a tax-exempt homeowners association, dedicated to maintaining these properties and to advance the safety and well-being of our entire 290+ household community. We have bylaws that govern our deeded domain to these properties. If we do not maintain these properties through annual dues, they will go back to the heirs of the Pervis and Ellis families.